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We got a recommendation to Trevor and he came over ideal away and fixed our bumper asap. We also knocked the mirror off my son's Honda while visiting LA and Trevor has once again come to the rescue and ordered a replacement for less than half of the dealership. You see very few people in the auto repair business who are as kind and honest as Trevor.

Update: George buffed out the bumper, and it looks practically ideal! Even when you gaze at it, you can not tell it was damaged. Old Review: Thank you fellow Yelpers for leading me to ATS Mobile Bumper Repair!!! I think my before and after photos speak for themselves. Trevor was willing and extremely communicative to drive all the way to Redondo Beach from the Valley to simply take a look at my bumper. Thankfully my photos and video sufficed for him to offer me an extremely sensible quote. The bodyshops quoted me about $1700 to have my bumper replaced. Trevor and George salvaged my bumper for $425. I was impressed when Trevor charged us the most affordable end of his original estimate. I am likewise satisfied that George came 30 minutes early. They had my repair work done 1 hour faster than anticipated.(His cost might be very different for your cars and truck's bumper.) George is coming purchase in 2 weeks to rub my bumper to a shine. I did not observe it being dull or dirty, but my hubby is a car nut and he states it requires the buffing.(I have not seen it in the sunlight yet.) So thus far, I am really pleased with the finished task, all communication, and the cost. P.S.-You should be willing to wait on your repair. I waited over a month, and it was worth getting it done right!


Variety of harmed front-end elements. If you have just a small damage in your bumper cover or a damaged fog light, then your repair work won't cost much in parts and labor. In calculating your estimate, we would analyze your bumper cover, headlights, fog lights, grill, splash guard, and more.


Bumper Repair Tools

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Automotive experience is not essential to own a Bumper Man franchise, as you'll get comprehensive training. If you enjoy dealing with your hands, producing top quality workmanship and working outdoors, this may be the perfect chance for you.


Seriously, Trevor knows his stuff. I am so grateful I had him assist me fix a minor issue that might have been very costly at a car dealership. Thank you, ATS Mobile Bumper Repair !! You are truly fantastic. I'm forever grateful.


The very best service I have ever received without a doubt from anybody! I got a response back within minutes. I had a quite damaged bumper and needed it set asap. He quoted me, got a replacement bumper, painted, and had it installed all in a matter of 2 days! The rates are extremely reasonable and the quality is exceptional. Trevor and George are professional and effective, I highly recommend them. I will absolutely be going back to them if I ever need any work done to my cars and truck once again.

Trevor charged me $700 for whatever and my bumper looks wonderful!!! It is really essential to Trevor that his consumers are delighted, the work here is high quality, and that he is fair Source on his costs. He matched Source my cars and truck color exactly and the bumper looks brand new! Does the bumper repair work need any additional Paint work?

We got a referral to Trevor and he came over best away and repaired our bumper asap. Trevor was prepared and exceptionally communicative to drive all the way down to Redondo Beach from the Valley to just have an appearance at my bumper. Trevor and George restored my bumper for $425. Trevor charged me $700 for everything and my bumper looks fantastic!!! It is truly crucial to Trevor that his consumers are happy, the work is high quality, and that he is fair on his costs. Does the bumper repair work need any additional Paint work?

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